A Nia “Play date”

Yes — we all called to see what the other would wear!

A fantastically fun time playing together at Nia tonight!  Notice the amazing color coordination of Erin, Nancy, Gail, Sue, Kristine, and Monique!  We danced, laughed, kicked, and sweated our way through — total immersion in joy.  BTW, this group can make an amazing array of animal noises — which we featured during our final song, when we played our way through every yoga pose with an animal name I could think of  . . . “dead bug”/”happy baby” was a particular hit.  They are also capable of some amazing cow noises.  It was just like being back on the Zakarison farm, north of Pullman, where I grew up!  Nice job, “Women In Nia” (“WIN”)!

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2 thoughts on “A Nia “Play date”

  1. I can only imagine how awesome that was. BTW, I love that you have this blog and take the time to update it. I might not be in any of your classes in the near future, but reading what you write here inspires me to continue my practice at home. Thanks.

    1. I’m so glad! I got “nudged” into creating the blog because of the way some of the studio work I’m doing has changed, but I find that I really enjoy the blogging aspect of it (I love writing and writing most days is great for me!). Your comment has made me think that I will add a section called “home practice tips,” and eventually add some videos so people can take a mini-class at home. Thanks for the inspiration!

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