Tadasana, etc. — Yoga Poem by a true Yogini

  My dear friends, Bob and Marj, are simply amazing.  Among other activities, they’ve been doing yoga for a whole lot of years.  Recently, Marj took a spill on some black ice and broke her ankle.  She’s approaching rehab with her characteristic blend of serenity and good humor.

Here’s a beautiful poem she wrote in 1986 about a yoga pose called  ardha chandrasana (see below):


(I was really thinking of the half-moon pose, whose asana name I don’t know.)

If I can stand staunch and firm,

leg oak-strong, ground-planted,

arms and face reaching skyward . . .

If I can reach, supple-spined,

and hold a free leg balanced back,

a taut but pliant bridge from here to there . . .

Then my soul will quietly stretch with vibrant strength

to touch the places where it needs to be, hour by hour,

and return,

at rest amid the pulsing flow of eternal energy. – Marj Grunewald, Feb. 20, 1986

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