Lions and Roaring Rabbits! Oh My!

iyengarlionposebunnyLet’s take another look at a fun posture, good for opening us up for spring.  “The Roaring Lion Posture (whose original Indian name is Simhasana) in Yoga is suitable for people of all ages and types (including old and weak) because it is relatively easy to perform. The posture is sometimes referred to as Bhairavasana . . .  reallionpose copybunnyThe posture gets its name because the face of the person performing it resembles the face of a Roaring Lion (Simha Mudra or Lion Face Gesture) because of the open mouth and extended tongue.”  Kind of fun to combine lion pose with some spring bunnies . . . Everyone is doing it!

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2 thoughts on “Lions and Roaring Rabbits! Oh My!

  1. Just read through your March archives. SOOO much fun to read and follow your thoughts. Enjoyed watching the video of Aleksander Gamme. Yes, expressions of joy to be sure! * You inspire us all to be better and taking NIA has, as you know, been such a valuable experience for me.* Thank you again for your kindness, and your caring, supportive ways of getting us through those days that might be filled with sadness but always sharing joy and laughter with each class! I always leave the classes feeling more energized in as much as I may be “exhausted” as well. 😉

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