Dance with Me . . .

5100025281_c125e2c49e_zI think that most of you know that, very soon, I am heading out to Boston to have brain surgery to attempt to remedy my epilepsy. I am very fortunate to have a talented and loving community of teachers to teach and substitute while I’m away, although classes will be more limited, so please be sure and check the schedule every week. I feel incredibly graced to have such a wonderful group of friends/teachers who have agreed to teach while I’m away, and also to have a loving community of students who have been understanding and supportive. I’m convinced that it takes a village to face up to brain surgery . . . Thanks for being my village.
I’m going to write a separate post about this, but one of the things I find myself wanting to do, as I face this surgery, is dance, and dance, and dance. I have loved having the opportunity to do Nia with many of you, and the joy and the freedom of dancing together seems to be keeping me in just the right, hope-filled space, living in the moment of now, that I need to be in to deal with what is coming up. So keep dancing with me while I’m away and send me your good energy!
Another thing I’ve learned a lot about is the incredible power of the stillness that yoga and meditation/prayer have taught me. About a month ago, I had an extensive series of brain scans at the Martinos Center, a research center of the Mass. General Hospital. Turns out I have a strong ability to make my body and mind very still for long periods of time, which makes for great brain scans. It has been interesting to “see” the images of my own meditating mind, and to discuss with researchers and doctors the power of learning stillness and how it does create a different looking brain.
So dance with me, or be still with me, in the weeks ahead. If you want to follow the details of what’s going on, I have another blog,, that is specifically about the surgery. My husband Jonathan as well as myself will be posting about my journey. In the meantime, I am grateful for the presence of all of you in my life, and it is an honor to teach you . . . One that I don’t take for granted.

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5 thoughts on “Dance with Me . . .

  1. Dancing with you has opened up a feeling of freedom I have never experienced before. I will be dancing in my heart with you while you are in Boston. I will dance in DC with you by my side and rejoin you in Pullman in the spring. Thank you, Kristine for leading me to the dance. You will be in my heart and feet forever.

    1. Oh Gail, we are so going to miss you when you move. I’m glad your journey will take you on this new adventure, but we may have to find a way to Skype you into class every once in awhile. I hope you stay in touch, and keep dancing through life.

  2. Kristine,

    Sending warm wishes your way for a smooth recovery and the best outcome from your surgery. Will send positive thoughts!

    Sorry, I haven’t been to classes the past few months – I was actually out of town working on a project (and am still going out of town to finish the same project) since May. Looking forward to getting back into a Nia routine this winter.

    Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I’m thinking about you.

    Take care,


    1. Thanks, Brenda. I hope your life allows you to come back and join us . . . I’d love seeing you again, and teaching you again! I hope that, in the midst of the full-on life you are living right now, it’s all good! In the mean time, keep dancing, even if it’s just a toe-tap! ❤

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