Asleep/Awake, Aware by Christine Dopke

Ah, asleep! I’m not the best sleeper- I envy little kids who can fall asleep at rock concerts. But I think I get the hours I need. I’m also of the belief that the dream world is as real as waking life…

Awake- well, that’s an interesting word. How many of us are going through good portions of our lives with our eyes open but not really seeing? After all, seeing is not really a function of the eyes- it’s a function of the brain. We take in millions of images in a day and the select what we want to pay attention to and remember.

It’s quite easy to not pay attention to what we think we already know. Imagine the difference between walking down the street in your home town compared to walking in a place you’ve not been to before. However, do we really know what we think we know, that is the million dollar question.

Which brings me to aware. Moshe Feldenkrais developed his teaching technique which he named Awareness Through Movement when he discovered that the average person was moving through the world habitually and therefore had very little conscious idea of how to use themselves most efficiently.

And isn’t awareness among the highest goals we wish to attain in life? A mentor of mine would say we are all looking for enlightenment as if it’s something outside ourselves, but no, it’s right there in your quadricep- feel that!

Right now, pause, notice how you are…

Exhale. Be thankful.

Chris Dopke

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