Class Descriptions

Nia is a dynamic fitness and lifestyle practice combining movement and philosophies from powerful Martial Arts, expressive Dance Arts, and integrative Healing Arts to bring the body, mind, emotions and spirit to life! Balancing technical precision with free-form bliss, Nia emphasizes not only physical conditioning, but also creativity, community, self-discovery, and individual expression. Through celebrating one’s body and expressing one’s uniqueness, Nia delivers a joyful, invigorating, and powerful life practice for all. Every body is welcome! It’s time to let your inner child, dancer, artist, athlete, warrior, seeker, and guru come out to play!

All Level Flow

The All Level Flow classes maintain awareness and focus on the breath while moving through a series of postures. The sequence of postures may be different from class to class, but always follow an intelligent progression that moves from basic to complex with modifications for all levels. This style of yoga builds heat, flexibility and strength, while maintaining focus on good alignment and sound structure. Postures may be held for longer periods of time, and will flow together to unite the body to the breath and mind.  These poses will be paired with vinyasa sequences that are designed to move with the breath to build heat and cleanse the body.  This class is appropriate for beginning and advanced practitioners.

Yoga Level Two

We move into a practice that further challenges our “edge” through asanas, meditation, and pranayama. Yoga asanas include progressive stages of backbends, inversions, and balances. We learn more refined breathwork and meditation techniques, as well as reflect on integrating the philosophy of yoga into our daily living.   Our yoga practice is now beginning to move “off the mat” and into our lives, and we are curious to make those connections.

Gentle Yoga

This class is design for those who need a particularly gentle yoga practice.  If you are recovering from an injury or illness, dealing with a chronic illness, or have some kind of compromise to your body, this class might be right for you.  We use many “props” such as chairs, blankets, belts, etc. to work on strength and flexibility in a way that does not overtax the body.   We also focus on concentration/meditation and breathing to help focus and calm the mind.

Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

This is an all-levels class that is designed for men and women who never thought they would take a yoga class.  The focus of this class is a sequence designed for men’s bodies, to assure a safe practice that maximizes creating flexibility and strength without overdoing it.  Chairs are often used to stretch tight ham strings and backs in a gentle, focused way.  Modifications are taught that are designed to safely stretch tight bodies while strengthening arms and core.  Men and women from all ages and walks of life are welcome to this class!  THIS IS AN EXCELLENT CLASS FOR THOSE NEW TO YOGA.

Half Nia/Half Yoga

This class will combine guided movement (using some Nia technique), gentle yoga, and relaxation in a class that is for every body.  If you have a chronic condition or illness, are rehabilitating from illness or injury, or have concerns that another class might be too vigorous, this is the class for you!  This one hour class offers the benefits of stretching, strengthening, a light aerobic workout, and relaxation.  And best of all, we create a community that supports our journey toward mind/body/spirit wellness!

Zumba (Zumba and Zumba Strong)

Zumba is a Latin-inspired aerobic dance workout that incorporates rhythms from around the world for a fun and energizing fitness experience. All fitness levels are welcome to join in on the fun. You don’t even need to know how to dance.  Just move to the music and have a blast all while getting a great workout!

Notes about class: Please wear clean, supportive athletic shoes and comfortable clothing.