Register for Classes or as a New student

How do I register to be a student at Aloft? What is the schedule of classes?

Glad you asked! 

STEP ONE:  Follow the link below to Punchpass, our online class and registration management system.  Complete the registration (upper right hand corner blue button to register), choose a password, and complete the Release of liability form. Please note that we are requiring proof of CoVid vaccination for participation in Aloft classes for adults.

STEP TWO: Once registered, purchase a pass from the Aloft-yoga website (processed via PayPal).  Kristine will load it to your account and you will be able to register for any class by clicking on that class from the schedule.  Note that classes are being taught either online or via zoom.  You get to choose which way to take the class (if you are taking in person, just join us in Gladish 206 or 208).