Jeehee Heo

Instructor, Zumba (Certified basic )

A life-long love of music and dance led Jeehee to major in Vocal Music in college, but twenty years ago, she left the stage to follow her husband from Korea to the United States. About ten years later, she was exercising at a rec center and she heard music. She followed the sound until she found a Zumba class in progress. Jeehee joined in the class and her new dream began to take shape; she knew she wanted to share her love of Zumba with others. Now, she is a certified Zumba instructor and ready to share her passion for Zumba with the world. She wants to help others experience the joy and energy it can provide. Currently, Jeehee lives in Pullman with her husband.  They have two kids, one in high school and one attending college. In her free time, Jeehee enjoys swimming and skiing.