Janet Keeney

Certified yoga teacher and Tai Chi teacher.

Janet’s yoga journey began in 1994, with the intention of rehabilitating a severe injury that she sustained, while training for the Olympic Trials Marathon. She studied yoga under John Coon, in Houston, where she met her teacher from India, Sri Raghuram.  Sri Raghuram conducted many 2 week long seminars through John’s yoga studio. Although Dr. Keeney was a practicing physician, specializing in biomechanics and sports medicine, she was determined to also immerse herself in yoga, since she realized that yoga offered a holistic approach to healing and well-being, as well as a means to peace. Janet took a sabbatical to travel to and live in Sri Raghuram’s ashram, yoga training center, as well as yoga research center, near Bangalore, India, called the Vivekananda Prakus’an Kendra. Here, Janet received training.

Janet is also a certified Tai Chi instructor, by the Tai Chi for Health Institute.  She meticulously incorporates qigong, (energy work), into her personal Tai Chi practice, as well as her teaching.