Meet Our Aloft Studio Teachers

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Kristine Zakarison M.Div., E-RYT 500, Nia Black Belt and certified Nia Move I.T. Instructor, Completing certification as Yoga Therapist, Founder of Aloft Studio
Kristine first began studying yoga in 1984, when she took class called “The Study and Practice of Yoga” from Dr. Ravi Kapur of Punjab, India, while he was a visiting scholar at Harvard Divinity School. The course combined the practice of asana and meditation with the study of yogic philosophy and social justice. As a former ballet dancer and runner training for the ministry, this class wove together many of Kristine’s life “threads,” and Dr. Kapur became a strong teacher and mentor for her. For the next 10 years, Kristine continued her training in yoga at the BKS Iyengar Center in Cambridge, MA with Senior Iyengar teachers Patricia Walden and Karin Stephan, as well as continuing her study of yogic philosophy. The study and practice of this integrated path of yoga continues to be her personal passion. It focuses and informs her teaching.

When Kristine discovered Nia several years ago, it felt as if she had discovered a long lost twin to her yoga practice. In her life, they are wonderful complements to one another.  She is a licensed Nia Instructor and trained at the Brown Belt level.  She is grateful for the many mentors she has had in Nia along the way, including  her teachers and founders of Nia, Carlos Aya Rosas and Debbie Rosas, and former Nia instructor and founder of Kaya Fitness, Danielle Eastman.

Kristine is a 3rd generation “daughter of the Palouse” and moved home to Pullman in 1995, where she now lives with her husband and two beautiful children. She is the owner and a teacher of Nia and yoga  at Aloft Studio in Pullman, WA.

Sarah VanGundy:   Yoga


Sarah VanGundy first did yoga in India in 1996 and since that she has practiced many different styles. She has been studying with Kristine for a little over a year and she is really enjoying subbing and teaching at Aloft Yoga. Sarah works as a librarian at the University of Idaho Library and she is also working toward an MFA in Creative Writing at UI. She lives in Pullman with her husband, Garth Reese, their daughter Chloe, and three cats who enjoy helping with at home practice.


3 thoughts on “Meet Our Aloft Studio Teachers

  1. Good Morning! Kristine

    Just received an email from Danielle letting us know about the changes that will be happening at BLISS and there you were, also! 😉

    Enjoyed reading your website. I especially loved the video of your friend, Maia. WOW! what an inspiration she is!

    Anyway, thought I’d “check in” and let you know that this was both informative and inspirational
    See you later today!

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